Privacy Policy

Altaviser Communications Ltd.

Altaviser Communications Ltd. owns and operates over 100 websites.  This privacy policy applies to each and every one of those sites.

Our websites do not request, capture, store or share any personal data.  They also do not track visitors using cookies.  We are funded solely from advertising revenues.

Our sites make use of third party companies to display ads, track website usage and display social media buttons (i.e. likes, shares, tweets).  The companies that provide those services do, however, capture visitor and usage data.  That data, with the exception of non-personal website usage data, is not available to our company.

All advertising on our sites is handled solely by Google Adsense.

All website usage data from our sites is captured solely by Google Analytics.

The social media buttons that appear on our sites are provided by Facebook (Meta) and X Company (formerly Twitter).

If you have any questions regarding our privacy policy, please contact us